Video: Neurowear "Shippo"

I came across the "shippo" neurowear tail at Tokyo Game Show 2012. It is an extension of a previous neurowear product that featured moving nekomimi (cat ears). Both products rely on a brain sensor worn around the head. In this video both the man and woman have hats on to disguise this.

The sensor is not entirely dissimilar to a lightweight pair of headphones, except that one end is clipped to the lobe of one ear, while there is also an arm that makes contact with your forehead at a point just by the hairline presumably to help hide it.

Wearing ridiculous gear like this would be asking for trouble in most parts of the world, but here in Fujiland, people are so jaded/ tolerant/ asleep (circle preference) that wearing "shippo" and "neuro nekomimi" is acceptable anywhere.

24th September, 2012
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