The Erotic Art of Susumu Tsutsumi

Japanese manga porn has now entered a late decadent stage characterized by unreal borderline paedophiliac imagery, but in its heyday—in the 1970s and 1980s—it had a grittier, more realist, and adult! style that aligned with the Gekiga (realistic graphic novels) movement of the time.

Among the greatest of the artists was Susumu Tsutsumi, whose works show a power of conception and execution that can elevate even the most disturbing scenes into something that is almost sublime, such as this detail which shows a masked intruder forcing himself on a woman who is, typically in such cases, on the verge of really, really enjoying it.

A particularly skillful point is the way that the lust-crazed face of the assailant is framed—and thus emphasized—by the woman's almost naked legs and stretched pantyhose (tights).

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