Exhibition: Nobuyoshi Araki

The key to being a great photographer is being pushy while having a slightly daft appearance, so that when you intrude on people's privacy with your ever-clicking lens, they feel more disposed to chuckle and forgive than to thump and scream. This is certainly the case with my old friend Nobuyoshi Araki, whose horn–like tufts of white hair, moustache, and granny–spec sunglasses have become his trademark. This exhibition – "Tokyo Jinsei" – sets out to look at every aspect of the ever–changing face of the Big Banana, with 400 previously displayed works covering the period from 1963 to the present, as well as 200 new works. Nobu is also well known for his naughty snaps of pretty ladies, so don’t forget to not bring the girlfriend.

Runs to Dec. 24, 2006, Edo-Tokyo Museum of Art.

November, 2006

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