Exhibition: Kumi Machida

Japan is one country that doesn't have any problem producing talented female artists – Yayoi Kusama, Fuyuko Matsui, and Natsuko Taniguchi, among others. Feminists would say that such creativity is caused by the angst of living in a male-dominated society, while male chauvinists might attribute it to the fact that they're not using their ovaries enough.

Whoever is right, the art consumer is clearly the beneficiary. Kumi Machida, one of the stars of the "No Borders" group exhibition at Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year, is a new artist who is attracting a lot of attention with amazing art that mixes traditional Nihonga elements – washi paper, sinuous brush strokes, and the poetic use of empty space – with a very contemporary surrealistic sense. This exhibition, the first at the Nishimura Gallery’s new Nihonbashi address, showcases 12 freshly painted works by the artist that will soon be snapped up by eager collectors.

Nishimura Gallery, June 6th – July 1st, 2006

June, 2006
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