Exhibition: Boris Hoppek

"The Japanese eat sushi all the time. And they are obsessed with kinky sex." These are just a couple of the prejudices that Westerners have about Japan, according to Boris Hoppek, yet another German artist seemingly paying off his country's moral deficit from WWII by banging on about tolerance and political correctness.

Titled "Ever," it is also his first solo show in Japan. Inspired – if that's the right word – by the lazy, generalized perceptions that some Westerners may have of the Japanese, Hoppek has created an amusing (and free) exhibition. Using naïve forms to echo the simplicity of the attitudes he is attacking, he has created a number of childish-looking "shunga" works, as well as other odd installations that invoke his racism-caricaturing "Bimbo" doll series.

The exhibition's highpoint, however, is a series of photographic prints featuring naked women as pieces of sushi. Now, that should put all those nasty Western racists firmly in their place ;-)

Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama, through July 12.

18th June, 2010
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