Exhibition: Yukio Fujimoto

What do you do when you love playing with sound, but you're not quite good enough to be a professional musician? The answer is simple – you become a 'sound artist' specializing in sound installations.

But, while most music serves as mental candy floss, the sounds created by the conceptual installations of the 56-year-old Nagoya-born artist raise questions about our modern world, or at least show us how weird some of its aspects are. Fujimoto creates conceptual, but interactive and playful artworks, which he calls "philosophical toys." Some might be struck by the inanity of hanging keyboards on the walls, attaching a metal brush to scour grooves in a revolving vinyl record, trapping glass balls in a revolving glass tube, or any of Fujimoto's other offbeat inspirations, but those of a more poetic bent will find deeper resonances and perhaps some humor in the vaguely unsettling conceptual works on display at Nagoya City Art Museum.

September, 2006

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